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Say Hello

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Alistair Craig Gerrard
Managing Director - Pressure Part Engineering Limited
Hello everyone.

I have joined today and hopefully can both share knowledge / experience and benefit from the community also.

Looking forward to the journey. Pleased to be here.
Janice Moth
CEO/Founder/Managing Director of It Socks to Be Lonely Sometimes - The Glamour Club Events
Hi everyone, good afternoon to you. I have been meaning to join in here for a very long time. So hello to everyone who is active here.

I have been a member of the institute for 2-3 years now, am leading the way here in Sunny Worthing, West Sussex - ending loneliness and loneliness caused by social isolation. Pleased to meet you all.
Yousef Rasuly
Renewable energy, Oil & Gas , SWE
I'm excited to be here and learn from others and share my knowledge with you. I hope to contribute to the community in any way I can.
Good morning all. Really happy to be here and to learn and develop my skills and hopefully help others with theirs. Really looking forward to getting involved in this forum.