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I 'love' this Claire, I think this is an interesting topic.

We are social creatures and we physically and psychologically crave human connection. I like to examine this sort of stuff from a neuroscientific point of view (I am not a neuroscientist but I am constantly reading the literature around this kind of stuff). The 'modern' leader needs to build this into their leadership style, and self-love, should come at the top of that priority list.

Here is a LinkedIn post I authored 2 years ago, As you can see I have been thinking along the same lines as you;... (More)

I came back into management rather unexpectedly after a number of years theoretically retired from formal business work. During my previous career I attended umpteen management and leadership training courses, but I believe the InstLM's 49 modules are the best synthesis of theory and practice I've seen. I challenged myself to achieve full Member status through certification, rather than simply claiming against my previous business experience. The latter was accepted without question by the rival CMI, but that felt rather like "cheating". I (re)learned a huge amount going through that process and emphatically recommend it.

Other sources are, of course,... (More)

Jane SuterTop Contributor
Owner - Red Tiger Consultancy Ltd

I tend to go for webinars - particularly free or low-cost ones. The Institute's ones are very good and the International Leadership Week is excellent as there are high-quality speakers, such as Henri Mintzberg, from around the globe. Gives me different perspectives, different theories, etc.

I follow well-respected people, thought leaders, radical thinkers in the L&M & Coaching fields on Twitter. I also do the same with business topics. This can lead to CPD opportunities.

I used to attend selected face-to-face events. Since COVID, many of those have been discontinued in favour of on-line.

As a small business owner, I... (More)

Thomas Foster
Operations Manager - MA, CMgr FCMI, CITP MBCS, FInstLM

Nothing specific for me. I do plan on doing the ILM modules over the coming year, always good to keep on top of your skillset.