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Jane SuterTop Contributor
Owner - Red Tiger Consultancy Ltd

I tend to go for webinars - particularly free or low-cost ones. The Institute's ones are very good and the International Leadership Week is excellent as there are high-quality speakers, such as Henri Mintzberg, from around the globe. Gives me different perspectives, different theories, etc.

I follow well-respected people, thought leaders, radical thinkers in the L&M & Coaching fields on Twitter. I also do the same with business topics. This can lead to CPD opportunities.

I used to attend selected face-to-face events. Since COVID, many of those have been discontinued in favour of on-line.

As a small business owner, I... (More)

Thomas Foster
Operations Manager - MA, CMgr FCMI, CITP MBCS, FInstLM

Nothing specific for me. I do plan on doing the ILM modules over the coming year, always good to keep on top of your skillset.

Jane SuterTop Contributor
Owner - Red Tiger Consultancy Ltd
I had the 15 min Certification interview for the Authenticity Dimension. The process was straightforward and worked very well. Thanks also to Sue, the lovely lady from the Institute, that asked the questions. The results came through within 30 nail-biting minutes!

Can recommend this approach!
Helen Isacke
Founder of Trusted Coach Directory
Our next 'open' Wednesday webinar is next week, 15th December at 9am if you'd like to join us. It's free.

Anne Archer, Resilience and Mental Fitness Coach will be sharing examples of how to build a workplace that enables people to thrive. Anne will take us through two case studies of how organisations have achieved some great results.