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An international four-day week?

This is a topic that has been discussed numerous times on the Hub, and support for the four-day week continues to gather momentum.

Writing for*, Josephine Joly records that “The concept of the four-day week is being slowly embraced in an increasing number of countries”, and this detailed article describes how countries such as Belgium, UK, US, Ireland, Canada, Iceland, Japan, Spain, Australia and New Zealand have introduced various initiatives and trials.

Reasons for introducing the four-day week vary from country to country, and initiatives have not always been totally successful, but this is an excellent overview that is... (More)

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Who needs a best friend in the workplace?

According to recent research by Gallup* we all do, and even more so in these challenging times of remote and hybrid working.

Not only does having a ‘best friend’ at work help provide you with social and emotional support, the research suggests that it also benefits the organisation in that employees who have a best friend at work are significantly more likely to:

• engage customers and internal partners

• get more done in less time

• support a safe workplace with fewer accidents and reliability concerns

• innovate and share ideas

• have fun while at work

The question,... (More)

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Managers as Advocates?

The online MITSloan Management Review has an interesting article that recommends managers should go ‘a step further’ than being sponsors or coaches to employees and act as advocates. *

Through research and conversations with leaders, Dani Johnson writes that advocacy can help increase employee productivity, retention, and improve relationships inside and outside the organisation.

Examples of manager-employee advocacy would include sharing networks with employees and providing learning and development opportunities outside their current role.

There are risks involved in that the employee may choose to move to a different role or even leave the organisation altogether, but the article suggests... (More)

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Saving management from leadership?

You will all be aware that we are celebrating our 75th anniversary of striving to inspire ‘great leadership, everywhere’, and we are, of course, extremely proud of what has been achieved over these years.

I was therefore interested to read a recent article by Detert, J. (2022)* et al that suggests there is currently an obsession with visionary, inspirational leadership at the expense of good management practices and everyday management skills.

That is, management and management practices have been devalued by this obsession with leadership, even though management is “incredibly difficult and valuable” and vital in these times of disruption... (More)