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Here you can find some helpful articles on how to configure your profile and use the community. Need some help? Ask a question and a member of the team will be on hand to provide guidance.   

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I have the pleasure to Join this forum, a wonderful person within my exec board has created my profile and started me on this journey. I am keen to follow the good ideas and learning that will be on he journey.
How do you get back into 'study'? I last studied anything 25year ago. All my learning has been on the job and working with amazing managers and leaders who have encouraged and taken time to share their knowledge and experience with me.
So how on earth do I now sit down and try and learn these modules! What methods are you using?
I'm excited but very daunted.
Hi everyone

I joined a couple of weeks ago and have started working my way through the Dimensions of Leadership. I'm trying to figure out how to navigate through the different sections, but keep coming to dead ends. For example, under Authenticity, I've met the self awareness standard, but I can't seem to click on 'Conversation'. Do I just need to scroll down and complete the different sections of 'My Learning Opportunities' further down the page to unlock it or is there an issue?

Thanks for any advice/help.

I came back into management rather unexpectedly after a number of years theoretically retired from formal business work. During my previous career I attended umpteen management and leadership training courses, but I believe the InstLM's 49 modules are the best synthesis of theory and practice I've seen. I challenged myself to achieve full Member status through certification, rather than simply claiming against my previous business experience. The latter was accepted without question by the rival CMI, but that felt rather like "cheating". I (re)learned a huge amount going through that process and emphatically recommend it.

Other sources are, of course,... (More)