Many of you will have read in today's newspapers that British workers will take part in a four-day week trial in what is thought to be the world's biggest pilot scheme.

'The Times' newspaper reports that more than 3,000 employees at 60 companies will take part in the scheme, which will examine the impact of shorter working weeks on conditions and productivity.

The aim of the trial is to allow employees to work full-time for four days rather than five, and with no loss of pay.

We have discussed four-day weeks several times on the Hub, and it is a story that will not go away - if this trial is anything to go by, the demands for a four-day week just keeping getting stronger..

Are we getting closer and closer to the time when it is the norm to measure productivity in terms of quality of outputs rather than number of hours spent in the office? 

And if any Members are involved in this pilot, what are your thoughts?