How we can learn from the young...

My grandson is not yet two, but big for his age. He goes to a nursery part-time and is currently in the 'baby' group. The nursery have a policy of slowly integrating children in their care into the next group when they approach the right age and encouraging them to fit into the new environment with as little disruption or emotional upset as possible.

When this happens the children in the group which he will be joining are told there is a 'newbie' coming to visit and they are asked to make him welcome and to look after him.

The first time my grandson went into the upper group, another boy greeted him and showed him around, and stayed with him the whole morning. It was more activity-based than my grandson was used to, and he did fall asleep towards the end of the session. When his mother went to collect him, the same boy was sat by him, gently stroking my grandson's back and checking on him.

In the world of employment, all too often we are thrown in the deep end, shown a desk, shown what e-learning and forms we have to complete and left to it (and often required to fulfil our job role from day one). Our buddies have their own jobs to do, and companies aren't prepared to lose two days' (or more) productive work to on-board a new employee.

Just think how someone really looking after you would help on the first day(s) when starting a new job or role. It would show the new employee exactly what the culture of the business was like, would build trust quickly, and the buddy would be a true ambassador for the business.