An interesting article entitled Fostering Ethical Conduct Through Psychological Safety has been published recently by MIT Sloan Management Review (see link below).

The article emphasises the importance of line-managers in both psychological safety and ethical behaviour, and draws a correlation between the level of psychological safety and the number of unethical behaviours observed.

So, can one operate an ethical business if psychological safety is not present too?

Many companies and organisations have ethical frameworks, codes of conduct etc. but history shows us that individuals within those organisations and businesses can act unethically, and sometimes with the cognisance of colleagues and even line managers and more senior business leaders (as long as the results are satisfactory).

If one feels unable to speak up about issues that affect their working (and personal) lives, and to "bring their real self to work", how free do they feel to raise concerns about others' behaviour?

As leaders it is our responsibility, to ourselves and to our stakeholders.

So I have a question..... which comes first in your business - Psychological Safety or Ethical behaviour? And do you know if your response is true for all levels of the organisation?