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Say Hello

Introduce yourself to everyone in our community.

James Heaney
Senior Operations Manager
Hello All,

New to the Hub and looking forward to contributing, sharing and learning.

Pleased to meet you!

Hi all,

I have been leading teams for over a decade and have just started my own business.

It is strange going from working in large organisations to a small team, one of the things I miss the most is the community feel of a large organisation, so I am looking for other ways to connect - Which has brought me here.

I look forward to contributing to the conversations and learning from you all.

Craig Kerr
Talent Resourcing Manager
Good Afternoon,

I've been using the ILM resources for a while now and thought I would like to introduce myself on the hub and hopefully allow myself to expand my network a bit and learn from others.

I only took on my first people management role in March of this year and so far have loved every minute of it but always looking to improve and learn from others.

Looking forward to hopefully chatting with some of you.

Hello everyone. It's good to be here. I am here to learn and contribute to the rich discussions.