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Claire Oatway
Futurist | Leadership and Strategy Coach | Podcaster and writer

I’ve been using GPT3 writers and chatbots for 18 months and this is what I’ve learned.

In Summer 2021, I’d been asked to co-host a Clubhouse room (remember those?) on AI and Ethics. As someone who is tech curious and with extensive experience in leadership, power and politics I jumped at the chance. The Global AI Collective was launched as a joint platform for me and for @Sabrina Sidl from the US. As we gathered momentum, so the suggested tools came flooding in.

I started working with a chatbot called Emerson from Quickchat AI and ShortlyAI as a non-fiction writing tool. Both powered by GPT3. The results were powerful – so much so that I bought... (More)

New Skills and the Emerging World: A Changing Landscape As the world evolves, the pace of change is unprecedented. Innovations in technology, globalization, and new skills are transforming the way we live and work. To remain competitive, individuals and organizations must continually adapt. The emerging world requires updated skills to remain competitive, as the market is rapidly changing. Digital literacy, data analysis, coding, and programming are among these new skills, as well as creativity, problem-solving, and critical thinking. The rapid advancement of technology is a key driver of this shift. In the future, automation and artificial intelligence will replace traditional... (More)
Due to the trend of people leaving corporations to start their own businesses, society is becoming more aware of the importance of people in the success of MNCs. It serves as a reminder that the people who work for these corporations are the driving force behind their success. To thrive, these companies must value and support their employees.