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Looking for some advice from our community of leaders and managers, this is your place to provide each other with guidance and support around your own leadership and management challenges. 

Martin CooperStaff
Product Development Manager

Hi Kevin,

If you could share your email address with me via a direct message, I will get a member of the team to contact you regarding this. Alternatively you can email membership@institutelm.com28 and a member of the team will be happy to help.


Hi, I hope someone can help me with this query. I have a client who would like to upload my pp for the training courses I deliver for them to their LMS. They have suggested the are happy to sign an IP contract. Please can someone recommend what to include, guidelines etc. Many Thanks in advance. Marie
I'm trying to access the MyLeadership assessment tools but all I get is an icon spinning in the middle of the screen as if the app is loading. It never loads though. Is there any technical support available for this?
Jozefa Fawcett
Capability Reskilling Architect
Which of you here has previously submitted a leadership programme at L4 to ILM for accreditation? If so, some tips please as it is 20 years since I last did this and I am sure some of what I did before has changed at ILM regarding this process