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Hello folks, and greetings from Sydney, Au. I'm pleased to join the hub and look forward to connecting with others passionate about leadership - and management. In some ways, I'm a bit of an outlier in the world of leadership, as I'm interested in the work of leadership rather than starting from a focus on leaders. One of my hobbyhorses is that leaders (and potentially, just about everyone else) need to practise both leadership and management, and they are two different forms of action. I wonder whether this is an area of interest to others here? I look forward to... (More)
Julie Goddard
Owner @ The Success Architect
Hi everyone, I'm late to discover the hub, yet excited to meet you all, learn new things and challenge my thinking 😊
Katie ClarkeStaff
Business Development Manager

Hi Kitua, I'd definitely start with MyLeadership, which you can find here: - have a look at some of the learning content and start working your way through the components. You can also view our upcoming webinars and all our past events here: - which should give you a little more of an idea what we're about!

Bill Van Eron
Brand, Biz, Government, Stakeholder & Values-Based Relevance Advisor.

This is one of many downfalls of working in a closed culture. Management still expects success without investing to understand what it involves out of the ordinary. Employee's according to Gallup ' want to be entrepreneurs or in an entrepreneurial culture. Being in an age where what you stand for is more important than what you make, brand and stakeholder relevance is the best path to success. When you break it down to value, like Trust, as I did for HP over and over again, tech companies refuse to acknowledge creative. and conscious value creation professionals. Management always acted shocked... (More)